Two Paws Up For The Biergarten!

Hofbrauhaus Newport Two Paws Up For The Biergarten

Written by Rachel Gyarmati

We hope you’ve enjoyed our efforts to help you have one of your best Summers. August is always a bittersweet month to come to because it signals the end of the season. Most of us will spend it preparing our families for the Fall.

  • Hofbrauhaus Newport Biergarten DogsLast-minute lawn projects
  • Back-to-school lists
  • Camps
  • School apps to download
  • Open houses
  • New schedules
  • Sticker shock from said lists and camps

August, my friend, does not come to play, so we want to give you a place to take a break with your family. Like, your whole family, even your dog! Also, it should be where you aren’t surprised by fees or last-minute changes.

We suggest taking your family or closest friends (dog or human) with you for a relaxing evening in our Biergarten. Its shade, access to downtown, and unexpected fun make it the perfect spot for the end-of-Summer laughs and memories.

Sit and stay (jokes are always free, but never good) to hear ways to make your time in our Biergarten fun and refreshing.

Hofbrauhaus Newport Biergarten Dogs

Dog Days of Summer

We welcome all well-behaved (leashed) dogs and their humans to our Biergarten. The outdoor space is excellent for relaxing after a hot day or a great place to start your night.

Cool stuff for humans

  • Perfect access for any who live nearby with street entrances
  • Full bar and food menus available
  • If the weather is good, it’s open

Cool stuff for dogs

  • Complementary metal dish of water with ice
  • A treat
  • Being able to hang out with other cuties

We also invite you to show off your best buddy! We have an entire Instagram dedicated to the dogs who visit us. We would love to share in your fun, so tag or send us your pictures to feature! We love curating a space on the internet to appreciate our pets fully.

Hofbrauhaus Newport Hofbrau Hounds

We don’t want you to bring your dog to the Biergarten just because it’s fun. There are several actual health benefits of spending time with your dog. According to studies conducted by the American Heart Association, the health benefits of dog companionship are invaluable.

Data collected by the American Heart Association from 1950 to 2009 suggests that those who own dogs are more likely to have better heart health over time!

The Mayo Clinic will tell you that Dog Moms and Dads will likely have increased opportunities for exercise, socialization, and lower stress levels.

We can’t promise you anything, but we can tell you that walkies with your pup to the Biergarten could improve your health over time. It never hurts to try, right?

Speaking of trying something new, have you looked at our menu lately?

Time to Change It Up

The coming of a new season is a great time to introduce new things to your life, whether something big like a pattern change or more enjoyable like finding your new favorite Bier or meal.

We encourage you to join us in the Biergarten this coming season to try something new. Here are some selections for consideration.

Biers (for our guests 21 years of age order; drink responsibly)

Hofbrauhaus Newport Sommer WeizenSommer Weizen: 5.4% ABV /17 IBU

  • The aroma has notes of banana and cloves with a kiss of citrus
  • Balanced and mellow mouth feel
  • Less bitter than most biers, making it perfect to drink on its own or with your favorite meal.

Hofbrauhaus Newport Anniversary LagerJubiläum: 5.6% ABV

  • Created to celebrate 20 years of serving Newport, Kentucky!
  • Medium bodied
  • Carmel undertones that end any meal with satisfaction

Hofbrauhaus Newport Flavored BiersWatermelon Lager: 5.2% ABV

  • Be sure to ask your server if available, as it is a seasonal drink
  • Crisp flavor and finish, which means it doesn’t feel heavy as you drink it
  • Refreshing and bold

Glorious food for all

Hofbrauhaus Newport Bavarian Cream PuffBavarian Cream Puff

  • Desserts first for life
  • Flaky fresh pastry dough
  • Ask servers about seasonal options

Brewer's Cobb SaladBrewer’s Cobb Salad

  • Gluten-Free Option
  • Sweet corn & Grape tomatoes
  • All the best tastes of Summer
  • Can be served with any dressing offered

Dunkel SalmonDunkel Bourbon Salmon

  • Atlantic salmon filet that is pan seared
  • Topped with Dunkel Bourbon Glaze (yum)
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Seasonal veggie offering

Look at us entering Fall with a plan!

Summer doesn’t officially end until September 23rd, so there is still plenty of time to enjoy the season’s warmth, excitement, and fun. We will spend the rest of our Summer prepping for one of our favorite times of the year; Oktoberfest.

Like so many worldwide, we will bring out our finest Bier, food, and fun to enjoy with all of you. We can’t wait! See you at Oktoberfest!