To Newport With Love

To Newport With Love

By Rachel Gyarmati

Fun fact: The original Hofbräuhaus was opened in Munich, Germany, in 1589. That’s over 400 years of fun, food, and celebration. The brewery has lasted through two world wars, plagues, and other disasters.

Since WWII, it’s become a significant tourist attraction for Americans visiting Germany to experience authentic culture and food. Check out the list below of notable celebrities that have enjoyed a Lager in our Munich location in the last 400 or so years:

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Thomas Wolfe (American author)
  • Josephine Baker (American Dancer)

While we can’t boast (YET) that we’ve had someone as prolific as Mozart come in, we are always amazed by the community that we get to serve daily.

Since 2003, we have had the absolute honor of serving the community of Newport, Kentucky, and the surrounding area. Over the past two decades, we’ve discovered a lot about Newport that we adore.

How do we love Newport? Let us count the ways!

1. We’ve Grown Up Together

As we stated before, Hofbräuhaus Newport opened its doors in 2003. In the 20 years since a lot has changed just outside our doors.

Newport on the Levee – which opened just before us in 2001- was still a new attraction. Notable tenants of the Levee in this era were Dewey’s pizza, Barnes and Noble, and Shadowbox Cabaret.

It’s also worth noting that in the age before streaming services, AMC theatres were quite the spot for locals wanting to see the latest film.

Hofbräuhaus Newport was the new kid in town at the time and offered citizens a place to explore and celebrate their German heritage. Not only that, but our layout provided an open space to gather in a large group regardless of age to celebrate everything from their 21st birthday to Grandma’s retirement.

As time has marched on, a lot has changed in Newport and for us! We’ve witnessed a boom in Newport’s population and development. It’s hard not to feel honored to watch your city’s skyline change as unique businesses and homes are added.


2. We Have Deep Roots

As mentioned earlier, Hofbräuhaus in Munich opened its doors over 400 years ago. If you’re a history fan, the year we opened in Munich is 1589. The location has been known as a place to have fun while being treated with an elite level of hospitality.

There is also a legacy of quality to uphold. For centuries, German Bier has been brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law of Rheinheitsgebot. The law ensures that only barley, water, and hops are used in the production of Bier.

Written in 1516, Rheinheitsgebot was put into place to keep a standard of safety and regulation to the Bier served at the time. The law has been amended in the centuries since to include other ingredients and techniques.

Our Bier offerings have grown into an extensive menu and have become an experience of their own when visiting us. We gather to tap a keg of our monthly Seasonal Bier that will highlight the season’s taste and menu offerings. This month, the seasonal Bier is Bockbier or Doppel Bock (8.0% Alc. by Vol.).

The caramel flavor of this Bier and the hoppy finish make it great for a cold night out after a movie or to have with your dinner.

Although their history doesn’t go back to the 1500s, Newport, Kentucky, has been around for quite some time! In 1795, a man named James Taylor named Newport, Kentucky. Taylor was from Virginia and established Newport as a tribute to Admiral Newport, the leader of the settlement of Jamestown.

Newport has become a destination for entertainment for the college students of the eight surrounding colleges and the families living in nearby suburbs.

3. We Bring the Fun(ds)

To be a good neighbor, you must know how to have a great party and bring a community together to do great things.

For example, our fundraisers are some of our favorite events held in the Bier Hall or Biergarten.

We’d love to help you fundraise, too! Our large venue and easy-find location make us an ideal space for fundraisers. Whether that’s a Greek organization at a nearby college, a family doing a benefit, or your local PTO, we offer a unique experience.

Be Our Valentine

You can’t get through February without speaking about love, and we hope you feel just a bit of our passion for Newport, Kentucky. So, speaking of love, what are your plans this Valentine’s Day?

With Valentine’s Day (February 14th) falling on a Tuesday this year, we understand that it may be a lot to plan a night out, especially if you’re a parent. So we suggest making a night out of it with your family!

On Tuesday, February 14th, there will be a special menu for adults, and kids eat free with the purchase of an adult entrée. The Bier Hall fills quickly, so call (859) 491-7200 to make your reservation today!

Whether it’s February or not, we believe in showing love. Whether that’s to our wonderful community or our staff, we want it known that we love and appreciate every one of you.

Prost to love, Newport, and You this Valentine’s Day.