Showing Some Love

Hofbrauhaus Biergarten Blog - Showing Some Love

Written by Rachel Gyarmati

If you’re human, then there’s a chance that love seeps into every area of your life.

  • Love of family
  • Friendships
  • Passion for a cause
  • That special someone who gives you butterflies
  • Steak Jäger Spatzle on a cold day

For as many forms of love as there are, there are just as many ways to express it. In February, this often comes as frilly cards with flowers and chocolates.

We know what you’re thinking:

If only there were a way to celebrate love in a place where all can gather – possibly be serenaded by a brass band. Wait; we have all that here at Hofbräuhaus Newport. Which, by the way, is a total coincidence.

From Ride or Die to The Love of Your Life, we have ideas on how to make everyone in your life feel loved, no matter your relationship. We hope to see you and your loved ones soon! We’ll have a table waiting for you.

The Ride or Die

Ride or Die (noun)

That friend who has seen you at your highest high and your deepest low. They know you and will often be able to predict your behavior or answer the phone at any hour if you call, and vice versa.

This friend is the cream of the crop, and the odds are that they often know you better than you know yourself.

This friend’s sweetness to your life should be honored with our sweetest offering: desserts. We suggest ordering two (or three; we don’t judge here) to try and share. All of our desserts can be ordered as takeout.

If you’re joining us in the Bier hall (those 21 years or older), we invite you to pair the following Biers with any of our desserts for a great experience.

Hofbrauhaus Biergarten Blog - Showing Some LoveDoppel Bock Bier (8.0% ABV / 23 IBU)

This Lager is almost luxurious in flavor. The complex and luxurious flavor features caramel, toffee, and toasted barley. Some of the complexity February’s Doppel Bock can be attributed to hints of licorice and dark fruits.

This Bier is easy to drink but is also higher in ABV (Alcohol By Volume) than a lot of our Biers, so we want to remind you to drink responsibly.

The Original Lager (5.2% ABV)

We suggest celebrating your Ride or Die with the Bier that started it all! Our original Lager is crisp and light and pairs well with all desserts. Its ability to remain a favorite internationally for over 400 years is the perfect drink to celebrate your epic friendship.

Once you decide on our best dessert or pairing, tag us on social media. We’d love to hear from you!


Although the Ride or Die is essential, the most giant spotlight in February goes to romantic relationships. It is, after all, what Valentine’s Day has been made to celebrate, especially in the last hundred years or so.

Huge declarations of love highlight romance in the way of jewelry, candy, and jewelry. While we are all for a huge moment, we appreciate the beauty of a subtle gesture.

Most of those in longer-term relationships can tell you that the best demonstration of love and appreciation is babysitting and food.

You can be a superhero to your partner by dropping your kids off with the grandparents and stopping by Our Haus on the way home to pick up dinner. You can thank us later.

I Woof You

Hofbrauhaus Newport Biergarten DogsLet us make it clear: Dogs are not allowed inside Hofbräuhaus Newport. The Health Department says no unless they are a service animal.

We could never call ourselves a place that welcomes all without including man’s best friend. Dogs spend their whole lives in blind love and devotion for their humans. Our plan to pay them back for this is to welcome them to our Biergarten when the weather allows.

Welcoming dogs into the Biergarten is a great sign that Spring is just around the corner. What’s not to love about that?

It’s for the Kids

Although dogs are super cute and make life better, they don’t bring near the joy that little ones add to any dining experience. Not to brag, but we have one of the best Kids’ Menus in Newport.

We welcome children to join our fun while allowing parents to relax with a stein of their favorite Bier or a cocktail from the bar. FYI, they are all available both indoors and outdoors.

For over 20 years, Newport has allowed us to introduce our friends and families in the area to German culture. It has also allowed us to pay homage to the dense German population in Newport.

We love you, Reader. Thank you for showing us love this month.