Legacy Of Love

Hofbräuhaus Newport Legacy of Love

Written By Rachel Gyarmati

As you know, we at Hofbräuhaus Newport have a sincere passion for our community. Aside from offering some of the best food and drink in the area, we provide a unique space to gather and do something good.

Last month, we had the honor of hosting the Luau Party for the 9th Annual Cincinnati Beer Run. The run included a 2.5-mile course, which ended in a Luau here at Hofbräuhaus. Again, there was great music, wacky Hawaiian attire and a great sense of pride in supporting a good cause.

If giving back to your community while having fun interests you, read on. We will let you know how you can do both here at Hofbräuhaus.

Love Like JJ

In January of 2021, young Jonathan “JJ” Day passed away unexpectedly. He lived in Mason, Ohio, leaving quite the impression on all who knew him. JJ’s legacy is his love of those around him, giving personality and smile.

To honor his legacy, the Love Like JJ Foundation was created. The foundation strives to help children participate in activities and environments that will enrich their lives. As a result, children that would not usually be able to enjoy sports or extracurriculars that would help them learn and thrive are given that chance.

The values of Love Like JJ are:

  • Perseverance
  • Advocacy
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Commitment

These values were front and center at the Beer Run last month and made every step in the run well worth it. It’s inspiring to see what one child’s love and happiness can spark in others.

Their work goes well beyond this year’s Beer Run. To support Love Like JJ, you can visit their shop and buy JJ Gear to support their cause of leaving no child behind and spreading love. The t-shirts, masks and pullovers are bright, good quality…and do more good than you know.

Our Haus is Your Haus

Humble brag alert: Our place is perfect for hosting an event like the Beer Run, a rehearsal dinner, or even a night out with friends. What makes us say this? We’re so glad you asked.

By the way, you can take a virtual tour of these areas on our events page! It’s a great way to get a feel for the rooms and plan your event.

Bier Hall

The Bier Hall is a vibe all its own, as the kids would say. The décor and atmosphere make for a space that accommodates a large crowd and inspires conversation. If social distancing worries you, the Hall is a great place to spread out but still be able to hold a conversation.

This Blogger’s favorite thing about the Bier Hall is the décor and setup. There isn’t one bad seat in the Haus! From any booth or family-style table, you have a clear view of the beautiful bar, stage, and décor that take you to a different world.

If great pictures are a big deal for you (we get it), the Bier Hall also serves as a perfect backdrop. The flags, art, and intricate wood design are charming and look great from any angle.

The atmosphere is also heightened by the band that plays on select evenings. From a lot of experience, nothing is more fun than standing on your bench with your friends and doing the Chicken Dance. There is also nothing on this Earth cuter than watching a little one attempt the chicken dance. It will fill your heart.

The Stube

The Stube is our private room and it does not disappoint. However, unlike the Biergarten or Bier Hall, you will need to reserve this room in advance.

The literal German to English translation for the stube is “the room.” The decor in it is warm and has no shortage of conversation pieces. A definite favorite is the large shelves of authentic steins. #steins #thestube

This room’s privacy makes it the perfect choice for corporate events, family parties or special celebrations. The Stube can accommodate up to 300 guests and we guarantee each one of them will have a great time while they’re here.


We talk about the Biergarten a lot, but how can we not? Its accessibility from the street and its views alone are worth it.

We cannot tell you how much fun it is to watch the action in our Biergarten. We think you and your group have got to try it for yourselves. You’ll see what we mean!

Hofbräuhaus Newport Biergarten

Gute Freunde und Gutes Essen (Good Friends and Good Food)

The only thing better than gathering with friends for a great meal is gathering for a good cause.

We were honored this year to host the Beer Run and Luau Party. It fills our hearts to see smiles, knowing that it’s for an organization that has done so much good for so many families.  And we thank all of the volunteers (and our staff) who helped make it such a success!

Whether you’re fundraising, going to a game or festival, or needing a pretzel with Bier cheese, you’re welcome. We hope you’re having a great summer!