Hofbräuhaus Newport – A Bit of Everything!

Hofbrauhaus Newport - A Bit of Everything

Getting a crowd to decide on where to eat for any occasion can be quite the feat. More often than not, each person will have a different suggestion on where to go. So, we humbly throw our lederhosen into the ring for a place that can feed a whole group with different tastes and diets.

This claim may surprise you, as we are often associated with the very best of German cuisine and drink. We aren’t backing down from that, but we want to make sure that no one walks away hungry or thirsty.

Hofbrauhaus Newport Dogs WelcomeMore importantly, we want to be sure that everyone feels welcome and attended to when they step into Our Haus. Therefore, we believe that we offer “etwas für jeden,” the Bavarian phrase for “something for everyone.”

We broke out the umlaut, so you know that we are pretty serious. We love feeding our community and being with them. We think offering diversity in our menu is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

If you have a crew to feed with different dietary needs, tastes, or some picky eaters, come to Hofbräuhaus today! We’d love to show you what we’ve got!

More Than Meets the Eye

Community is at the epicenter of everything we do at Hofbräuhaus.

The Biergarten itself is a tribute to this love of community. It is a place that anyone (and their dog) can come together no matter their walk of life.

A part of bringing together a diverse group of people is to offer food that caters to all appetites. So whether you’re dining with a picky kid or someone who follows a particular diet, then we have you covered.

The common thought when bringing up Hofbräuhaus as an option is Bier and pretzels. While we think we offer the world’s finest of both, there is so much more to our menu.

Dessert First!

Hofbrauhaus Newport Dessert MenuWe can’t think of a better girls’ night than drinks and the Dessert menu in the Biergarten. Some of our favorite desserts are:

Bavarian Cream Puff

These homemade delights are made on-site to guarantee the freshest flavors. The pastry dough is flaky, light, and never soggy. Each puff is topped off with homemade cream and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Depending on the season, there may be a special seasonal pastry being served.

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels

We did mention our world-class pretzels earlier. We love those but have become quite partial to their cinnamon sugar counterpart. Our original pretzel is baked to perfection and then topped with cinnamon and sugar.

For a sinfully decadent experience, dip your pretzel in our rich cream cheese icing. We promise your tummy will thank you. We suggest getting a large order of them to share, or not…we don’t judge here.

Schwarzwälder Kirsch Torte

This torte is the epitome of decadent and scrumptious. Imagine three layers of super moist chocolate cake with cherry filling. We take this epic combination to the next level by using sweet cream in between layers and chocolate shavings to top it off.

There is no occasion needed for this dessert, it’s just that good.

It’s For the Kids

Hofbrauhaus Newport Kids MenuOur kids’ menu is a fine example of simple American cuisine that kids know and love. There will be no bargaining or begging when getting your little one to eat. All of our kids’ meals come with a small soda as well as fries.

Kids can expect to dine on

• Pizza
• Chicken fingers
• Grilled cheese
• Mac n’ Cheese
• Burger and fries

These simple meals are yummy and will keep little ones happy.

Vegetarian & Gluten-Free Options

Honoring diet choices and restrictions is important to us at Hofbräuhaus. After all, we want everyone to feel welcome and taken care of. Therefore, if you do have a food allergy or dietary need, please do not hesitate to tell your server so that we can take care of you.

A jewel in our vegetarian offerings is the Gardenburger. The patty is vegan and served on a brioche bun with all the fixings. Fries come with a hearty burger to make a complete meal.

Fried pickles, the Haus salad are also on our vegetarian menu. This pairing with our seasonal brew makes the perfect summer meal.

If you observe a gluten-free diet, we have you covered. For example; we offer Daura Damm Lager, which is gluten-free!

Another offering is our delicious spinach dip, which comes with baby carrots and seasoned tortilla chips. It is perfect for sharing, and a great start to any meal.

Pick Your Poison

Hofbrauhaus Newport Bar and DrinksBier will always be close to our hearts; however, we do love a great cocktail. Our full-service bar is one of our best features. Feel free the next time you’re in to order your favorite shot or cocktail.

No matter what your favorite food or drinks are, we have you covered. It’s how we would expect to be treated ourselves when eating out. Our offerings don’t stop at food.

Our Haus is open for group events year-round, and we would love to have you. Events at Hofbräuhaus concentrate on great food and a fun and light atmosphere. An event at Our Haus will give you and 300 of your closest friends a memorable experience.

No matter what you’re hungry for, stop in today with your friends and have a great meal! We can’t wait to see you!

And now a toast: Prost (cheers) to good food and great community!