Gemeinschaft Season

Hofbrauhaus Newport Gemeinschaft Season

Written by Rachel Gyarmati

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here to announce that Gemeinschaft Season is upon us. ‘Gemeinschaft’ is the German word for fellowship and is the cornerstone of the holiday season. A season that brings planning gatherings for family, friends and organizations I hold dear.

If I plan a larger gathering, especially where children will be present, I want to ensure that two things are guaranteed: great dessert and a fun locale. I believe that Hofbräuhaus Newport offers this and more to any holiday gathering, whether it’s a family event, corporate holiday party, or Friendsgiving.

I am biased in this opinion, so I wanted to bring in the experts who know great desserts and a good time. So naturally, I reached out to my teens and eight-year-old to help me. They took the taste testing very seriously and loved helping. Please read on to see what their expert opinion is.

Just Desserts

When planning an event here at Hofbräuhaus Newport, desserts may not be the first thing to come to mind. But the kids and I are here to change that up for you. So when you plan a meeting or event with us, you can make your event a little sweeter by adding desserts.

Fun Fact: If you are the one to break the beautiful pattern made on the torte and streusel plates, you will be judged harshly by your teens. My saving grace is that I got a picture before doing so.

Apfel Streusel

The silence while everyone tried this dessert was the most significant sign of this dish’s popularity. I watched my teens savor their bites of warm apple and cut the streusel into smaller pieces to get more. Those who have teens know that their savoring food is a big deal.

My husband did accompany us, and he loved the warmth and seasoning of the apples. Both he and I could taste apples without being blasted by cinnamon, and it was a perfect Fall dish. The “fruit sauce and cream,” as the eight-year-old calls it, or warm vanilla and raspberry sauces, add a delicate elevation to a dessert that does stand alone. Don’t even get me started on the streusel itself.

Schwarzwälder Kirsch Torte

Our teens loved the chocolate Black Forest Cake and were blown away by the beautiful design on the plate. The cream the cake is layered with adds to the overall flavor and makes you fancy eating it.

One can easily see this dessert being served at a large family banquet or to impress at a Friendsgiving.

Bavarian Cream Puff

Talk about simple yet fancy! Our observant eight-year-old mentioned that the Cream Puff “looked like something on Pinterest” and asked later if I could make it home. Unfortunately, while I agree that it is a beautiful dessert, I had to break the news that I am not yet capable of it.

The cream puff is fun to eat because it’s pretty and because you feel fancy eating it. Each one is dusted with powdered sugar and filled with cream that’s made in-house. One of my favorite observations was how often each kid took a forkful of the cream to eat.

Adults in your party should know that any of these iconic desserts pairs well with our Biers. I recommend having a Blood Orange Weizen with your Cream Puff. You can thank me later.

Some Logistics

I cannot highlight Hofbräuhaus Newport as a great place to hold a holiday gathering without speaking about how easy it is to plan with our team. Selfishly, I want to enjoy the event I’m planning and have peace of mind that my guests are well taken care of.

After a bit of research, I found out what makes planning with our team so fun and easy:

  • Menus can be customized to include the best of our food and drink and to accommodate those with food allergies and special diets.
  • For parties with adults, you can also have a customizable bar. The bar provided for group events is indeed the full-service bar you’ve come to expect from Hofbräuhaus.
  • Our event staff is ready and willing to accommodate up to 300 guests.
  • We also cater! The catering menu is diverse and full of your favorite Hofbräuhaus Newport staples.

Taking some of the work and cooking out of your holiday celebration is a great way to lessen the stress of planning more significant events. So whether I’m having a Friendsgiving catered in my home or a work Holiday party, I know I’ll have great food and drink.

The Room Where it Happens

In the last blog with my family, I spoke about the importance of experience when planning a family dinner. That importance is magnified when planning an event that will include up to 300 of your favorite people.

During our meal at Hofbräuhaus Newport, both teens took a sneak peek of The Stube, which was set up for a college event. One of them asked me if they could put it on the list for their Sweet 16. They thought it was cool you could still get the “fancy desserts” and that the room could be closed off.

Another feature of The Stube that was repeatedly brought up was the stained glass in the room. I have been informed that the windows would make for great pictures.

The possibility of a great vibe and pictures has put Hofbräuhaus Newport in our top three places for the Sweet 16 party.

Whatever you’re getting ready to celebrate, we’d love to help make it memorable. So, we are beginning a season of get-togethers, traditions, and fun. One that can be made a little easier by planning with us in mind.

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends! Prost (cheers) to this season of fellowship.