Four Great Places To Ring In 2024

Hofbrauhaus Newport Four Great Places to Ring In 2024

By Rachel Gyarmati

In honor of 2024, this month, we will list the best places in Germany and the United States to celebrate New Year. We will go from most to least planning time involved (travel cost not included, sorry). We only have access to the menu of two locations, but we promise to show you the best of the best!

Whether you’re looking for a fancy but cozy experience or something romantic, we have you covered. Our list will also include places that are full of people and joy. Now that we think about it, you might know a few of these places.

Here are the four best places to ring in 2024 without further ado. Prost!

1.Manor House/Castle Lelkendorf

Manor House Castle LelkendorfThe grounds of this German Castle will have you feeling like you stepped back in time. The broad structure refers to a time with grand titles and screams luxury.

The history of the building is also something that should be considered in the Wow factor of this location. Manor House/Castle Lelkendorf was built in 1224. The castle is an actual historical site in itself.

Furthermore, the grand castle was in the possession of the von Levetzow family from 1224 to 1945 and then returned to their possession in 1989. By our calculations, that’s 856 years, which means it’s older than Hofbräuhaus in Munich!

Another draw to this location is that it’s on the grounds of a nature preserve in Mecklenburgishe. Families staying here are guaranteed a peaceful and beautiful New Year’s Eve.

2.Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein CastleYou will love this place if you’re a patron of the arts.

King Ludwig II of Bavaria built the castle with the operas of Richard Wagner (pronounced Vog-ner). Neuschwanstein translates to “New Swan Castle,” a nod to the Swan Knight, a prominent character in Wagner’s opera Swan Knight.

His attention to detail highlights the grace, joy, and rich appreciation he had for Wagner’s work. He’d for sure be called a “Stan” or a mega fan of Richard Wagner.

Delays in construction happened several times due to debt. Construction was pushed so far back that Ludwig II died before its completion. That’s right; he never spent one night in his beloved castle.

The King’s ultimate build was not in vain. Its regal appearance and mountain views inspired Disney’s version of Cinderella’s castle!

Random Trivia: Ludwig II is known as both the “Fairytale” and “Mad” King.

If you’re looking for something more local and affordable, we think our last two options will speak to you.

3.Hofbräuhaus Munich

Hofbräuhaus MunichWe would not speak of setting foot in Germany without discussing our original location, Hofbräuhaus Munich. We’ll keep this short and sweet, but here are some reasons to consider our OG location.

  • The legendary Bier Token, which can be turned in for a stein of Bier
  • A selfie at this location will get you all the likes
  • Have a drink at the place that started it all!

We have a place for you if you’re looking to stay a little closer to home for the big countdown or don’t want to learn a different language.

4.Hofbräuhaus Newport

We don’t mean to brag, but our Bierhall is one of the best places to celebrate the New Year locally. Plus, the money you save on travel alone could be worth it. We’ll be open until 1AM so everyone can enjoy ringing in the New Year at Our Haus!

On tap, especially for December, is our Weihnachtsbier or Christmas Bier (5.5% ABV/ 28 IBU). Those sad to see the holiday season go will enjoy the slight spiciness of the finish and the malty base.

The diversity of the base and finish make this Bier a perfect match for anything on the menu, and get this blogger’s vote as our best brew of the year.

We know we get excited about Bier, but we also get excited about seeing our guests of all ages have fun together. Hofbräuhaus Newport is where we can guarantee a great family experience that will leave everyone happy.

Alles Gute zum Neun Jahr (Happy New Year)!

2023 was full of such celebration and gratitude. Between our 20th anniversary, numerous special events, and daily fun with all of you, we declare 2023 a total success.

We don’t want to cause too much of a stir, but 2024 will be just as good, if not better! We plan to go full out for our favorite traditions and much more.

Happiest New Year, Newport. You’ve brought us a year full of love, laughs, and excellent German cuisine.

Prost and warm wishes for your 2024. See you next year.