Best Date Night Ever!

Hofbrauhaus Newport Valentine's Day 2022 Best Date Night Ever

Written by Rachel Gyarmati

The whole point of Valentine’s Day is to take time to celebrate the ones we love the most. We do so by making them Valentine’s cards, eating candy together, and more often than not, it also means date night. With it being a night especially created for love, romance, and hopefully a great meal, there can be a lot of pressure to pick a great place for Valentine’s Day dinner.

Wherever you choose for your most memorable dates should be affordable, have a great atmosphere, and be close to some great fun. So, it may not come as the biggest shock that we humbly throw Our Haus in as a destination for Valentine’s Day.

We welcome all couples for Valentine’s Day, those celebrating their first date or their hundredth date. So, to make sure that you and your favorite person get a seat, call today to book a reservation.

Before we continue, it wouldn’t be the Biergarten Blog without sharing a bit of German culture with you. Let’s see how our friends in Germany celebrate.

Hofbrauhaus Newport Valentine's Day 2022

Gingerbread and Pigs

Valentine’s Day has only been popular in the last few decades in Germany. It is celebrated amongst adults and is viewed as a more relaxed holiday. There is no push for kids to exchange cards or to have parties in their classrooms like there is in the States.

The cards exchanged often have depictions of pigs offering gifts like flowers, candy, and four-leaf clovers. These images symbolize lust, luck, love, and friendship. However, they are meant to be more caricatures of love and bring a smile to the face of the person getting the cards.

If you’re in love with someone in Germany, you may go to your local bakery and buy your sweetheart an intricately decorated gingerbread cookie. These cookies are often large and have messages on them.

We may not be offering cute pigs holding candy, but we do have some great plans for those joining us this Valentine’s Day.

Köstlich (Delicious)

Our staff has curated a menu that puts some of our best dishes at the forefront and spreads them out over three courses. The Valentine’s Day menu is priced at $50.00 per couple, making it delectably affordable. If we’re honest, it is the perfect meal for two.

Hofbrauhaus Newport Valentine's Day 2022 Menu

Please note that this exclusive menu is dine-in only and not available for carry-out.

Our full menu will be available if you are looking to eat a dish that is not offered on the Valentine’s Day menu or have kids or a crowd to celebrate with.

We would be mistaken not to mention that sharing appetizers can also be pretty romantic, as is trying a newer dish together.


Date nights are not dependent on the menu (no matter how amazing it is). We like to think that our Haus offers an excellent setting for a beautiful Valentine’s Day dinner.

What makes us ideal (in our most humble opinion) is our location and the atmosphere that we offer. Our Haus is ideally located in an area within walking distance or a short drive from several attractions.

Attractions can lead to some great conversation over dinner or on the way home. Here are some nearby ones that we suggest:

  • AMC theatre in Newport on the Levee
  • World Peace Bell
  • Aronoff Center for the Arts
  • Cincinnati Art Museum

There are many other examples, including several one-of-a-kind places to window shop in.

If pictures are important to you, then we suggest taking a selfie in front of our brewing kettles. The kettles are unique to Hofbräuhaus and are a lovely backdrop. When you post your pictures online, do be sure to tag us on social media! We would love to see what a great time you had.

  • Facebook: @hbhnewport
  • Instagram: @hofbrauhaus_newport

We cannot wait to hear how you spend your Valentine’s Day and hope to see you. It’s an honor to offer our community great food and a place to sit and share a meal with those they love the most.

Happy Valentine’s Day!