Introducing our “1589 Growler Club” ONLY 100 Available to start
Your membership includes:
  • a 64oz. “Drink Tank” growler that has a lifetime warranty and keeps your bier cold for 24 plus hours without refrigeration.
  • You will receive monthly growler fills, one per month April 2018 and $3.00 OFF all additional growler fills.  The growler fills are prepaid through your membership fee and you get 1 per month during your membership.  If purchased after April then it will be pro-rated
Growlers are only To-Go purchases, they cannot be consumed on premises.
The yearly renewal fee is $150.
Additional Benefits:
If you are already an active member of our Stein Master Club, you can join and receive all the above benefits for a discount.
You will be able to use your membership at Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh, Hofbräuhaus Columbus and Hofbräuhaus Newport.
*Restrictions – no discounts after 9pm in Columbus, no discounts after 11:59pm in Pittsburgh.

CALL TODAY TO BUY  and reserve your spot.

Club Payment Restrictions:

Only cash and credit card will be accepted for purchasing new memberships or renewing existing memberships for any Hofbrauhaus Clubs.  Gift cards and Loyalty Rewards will not be accepted for payment of club memberships or renewals.

Growler Warranty Information –

DrinkTanks Growlers are a labor of love, each one assembled by hand in Bend, Oregon (USA). We want all of our customers to enjoy the quality materials and workmanship that go into each growler for ages to come. We are so convinced DrinkTanks is the highest quality product available that, barring catastrophe or cataclysmic events, we guarantee your DrinkTanks Growler against manufacturer defects for an entire lifetime.

Warranty includes

Damages during shipping: Shipping claims only pertain to customers. If you have received a damaged product, please keep the box and the packing contents, and contact us. If you use a damaged growler after it has been shipped, we cannot replace it. DrinkTanks will send you a pre-paid shipping label for returning the damaged growler in the original box. A replacement will be sent to you as soon as we receive the damaged growler.

Broken or leaking standard caps: If the standard cap on your growler breaks or begins to leak, we will replace the cap or seal.

Growler no longer insulates: If it seems your DrinkTanks Growler is no longer insulating effectively, you can perform a simple test by adding boiling hot water to the growler. Feel for warm or hot spots outside of the growler (below the upper band) after five minutes. No hot spots, no worries. If you feel hot spots the vacuum is no longer working and you are eligible for a replacement. Dents from normal wear and tear generally do not compromise the insulation qualities of your growler.

Peeling or Flaking Powder Coat: If the powder coating is easily flaking off, usually in an area larger than a quarter, this is a defect that is covered by the warranty. A small amount of chipping caused by normal wear and tear of abrasion and impacts is not a defect and is not covered by the warranty.

Lifetime Warranty does not include: Normal wear and tear that is not covered by the DrinkTanks warranty includes scratches, dents, powder coat chips, or disassembling the handle. Rubbing or scraping off screen printing or laser engraving is not covered under warranty. DrinkTanks Growlers are not to be placed in a freezer, cooler or ice box that falls below 32* F. DrinkTanks Growlers are not designed to be heated on a stove, in a microwave, in an oven, or by other heat producing device. Freezing or heating your growler voids all warranties. Puncturing the outside or inside steel wall of your growler voids all warranty claims. The Keg Cap and other accessories are not covered under the DrinkTanks lifetime warranty.